Belinda Sykes director

Jeremy Avis voice

Victoria Couper voice

Hazel Askew voice, harp

May Robertson fidel, voice

Elsa Bradley and Jordan Murray dulcimer, percussion

Join early music group Joglaresa for a plague party (see Boccaccio's Decameron!) where the knights are villainous and the dancers seductive. Alongside the medieval 'hit' Machaut's Douce Dame there are many lesser-known pieces that you'll wish you'd always known - some of medieval Europe's 'funkiest' tunes (it wasn't all plainchant you know)!

Obviously, Joglaresa draw upon the 1270's rather than the 1970's. Any reference to the 1970's is entirely... intentional.

Lots of new repertoire - songs may include 'The Merciful Knight' (Se ome fezer de grado), 'The Knight who Became the Devil's Vassal' (U alguen a Jesucristo), 'The Thieving Knight' (Ali u a penedenca), 'The Knight Rendered Impotent by the Virgin Mary' (Sempr' acha Santa Maria), 'The Imprisoned Knight' (De muitas guisas), plus dance songs, musings on our mortality, and compositions/arrangements of medieval song by us modern minstrels - all delivered with the group's inimitable energy and cheer.

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