The aims of Designing Libraries

  1. To develop and maintain a freely accessible online database of library buildings in the UK covering new libraries, refurbished and remodelled libraries.

  2. To offer a gallery of images throughout the site that will serve as a reference source for libraries planning changes to library buildings and the way that services will be delivered to their communities.

  3. To provide access to online resources that will enable libraries to share good practice, and to share information on such things as sustainable buildings, the provision of study space, community use of library spaces, the application of new technology to library and information services.

  4. To act as a source of current information and news relevant to the creation and delivery of better library services.

  5. To be an information portal for organisations and companies seeking to understand developments in the library and information sector.

  6. To provide an online Marketplace of companies supplying architectural, consultancy, design, furnishing, content and technology services to libraries.

Advisory Group terms of reference

The role of Advisory Group members is to represent the interests of the library communities which make up the constituencies of Designing Libraries as a Community Interest Company:

  1. To ensure that Designing Libraries continues to play a key role in providing information and links to resources that will be useful to all members of the library community involved in library and space planning and design.

  2. To monitor the activities of Designing Libraries and their alignment to its constitutional framework of policies and values.

  3. To represent the interests of the stakeholder communities that Designing Libraries serves by contributing feedback, ideas, information and concerns to the Board of Directors.

  4. To play an active role in discovering and channelling information about new projects and new information resources to add to the site content.

  5. To offer professional advice and expertise to the Executive Director.

  6. To receive and review reports on the activities and performance of Designing Libraries.