undefinedIdea Store, Watney Market

Uniqueness in library design

Bisset Adams brings together innovative architecture and interior design with an understanding and passion for libraries developed through years of working with librarians, helping to develop national and local priorities and vision for libraries, and crucially understanding how to engage with customers through brand messages and accessible design. 

Known for our understanding of brand and visitor engagement in both retail and public sector spaces, our approach is to design libraries to reflect the uniqueness of their communities and needs, rather than a 'one size fits all'.

Our award-winning libraries are testament to this combination of big vision and attention to operational detail, whether refurbishment and extension of listed buildings such as Blackpool Central Library, or landmark new-build projects such as the new Idea Store in Watney Market.


The Cube Building
17-21 Wenlock Road
N1 7GT

Tel: +44 (0)207 250 0440